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Why Should YOU Take Action and Why the IBC? Thumbnail

Why Should YOU Take Action and Why the IBC?

Investment Insights

What position are you in financially?

Is your money positioned where you have total control?

Do you have access whenever you want?

Can it never go down in value?

Is it growing every single year?

Have you eliminated taxes?

Can you use your money without interrupting its growth?

Are YOU in this position right now?

At Cash Value Solutions, our mission is to help you realize your full potential, and implement financial strategies that create and build long term wealth for you. We teach investors, business owners, entrepreneurs, and families to take back control of the banking function in their personal economy, by implementing the Infinite Banking Concept.

The Infinite Banking Concept.

The Infinite Banking Concept is a cash flow management system that helps identify, and then recapture, lost opportunity cost. It is built on the platform of a dividend paying whole life insurance contract from a mutual company.

This is the most ideal asset to implement your plan on, because of contractual guarantees with free individuals, guaranteed growth, and mutual insurance companies who have remained profitable even through times like the Great Depression.

The Infinite Banking Concept is the ideal way to build capital for the future while simultaneously using it now to expand your means.

We use insurance companies who have been around for over 150 years, have “A” rated financial strength, and who have paid a dividend for more than 100 consecutive years. Through these properly structured contracts (proper structure being CRITICAL), we achieve control, liquidity, flexibility, and guarantees your money will grow every single year. This growth is better than any other safe, liquid asset, and when you consider the tax advantages and protection, it rivals the growth potential of investments! Life insurance however is not an investment.

Rethinking whole life insurance.

An IBC policy is not the whole life insurance policy most people think of when life insurance comes up.

Instead of shopping for the most death benefit at the least cost, we minimize death benefit and pay high premiums, resulting in a policy that is cash rich on Day 1. The key to this is a Paid Up Additions rider, which puts money straight into cash value, turbocharging your growth. Due to the design of these polices, they are flexible and the total premium does not have to be paid every single year.

Infinite Banking isn’t a new concept. Nelson Nash, the creator of the IBC, discovered the power of dividend paying whole life insurance in the 1980’s.

Banking institutions.

Banks use high cash value permanent life insurance as a Tier 1 Asset because of its safety and liquidity, and have been purchasing high cash value life insurance since the 1980’s. In fact, presently banks have more than 400 billion coming to them in death benefit proceeds in the coming decades, income tax free!

Meaningful change will require education.

Every client is in a different situation and has different needs and goals. Life insurance is a powerful asset when set up and implemented CORRECTLY in life. If you don’t have control of your financial future, learn from the people that have the money.

Albert Einstein is credited with saying “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result is insanity.”

Ask yourself what you like about what you’re doing right now. If you can’t find anything, take action towards a more certain future and learn what the Infinite Banking Concept can do for you.