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The Cash Value Solutions Podcast

How Banks Work Thumbnail

How Banks Work

Jason and Kyle discuss banks and how they work. Top discussion points: -Banks do not lend out their own money. -Banks lend out money that doesn't exist. -Nelson did not like using banks because it is inflationary. -We still use banks but think it is important to understand how they work.

The Importance Of Death Benefit Thumbnail

The Importance Of Death Benefit

Jason and Kyle talk about the importance of having death benefit. Top discussion points: -You are your greatest asset, so insure yourself. -Your money must reside somewhere, why not in a policy that offers death benefit? -Death benefit will help you or your loved ones navigate unexpected deaths.

Absolutes Are Dangerous Thumbnail

Absolutes Are Dangerous

Jason and Kyle discuss about absolutes in the IBC and whole life world. Top discussion points: -Preaching absolutes is a good way to get yourself in trouble. -It's important to keep an open mind and be able to adapt as your understanding grows.

Who Should Be Your Priority To Insure Thumbnail

Who Should Be Your Priority To Insure

Jason and Kyle discuss who should be insured first. Top discussion points: -Insuring business partners is important to make sure it can still go on even if there's an unexpected death. -Death benefit can be used to expand the operation, pay off debt, or pay for custom hire to keep things going.

IBC is Not Exclusive Thumbnail

IBC is Not Exclusive

Jason and Kyle discuss a potential client conversation where they concluded that IBC was not for them. Top discussion points: -You can't have a limited mindset and be successful with IBC. -We have seen all sorts of different people in different situations make IBC very successful.